My Passion

Melissa S. Myers for State Representative, District 45

Dear Community Leader,


It is with great emotion that I announce my run for State Representative of District 45.  These areas include Ocoee, South Apopka, part of Winter Garden, and Pine Hills. As you know, for over a decade, I have been active in our communities, volunteering in the revitalization of neighborhoods.  Protesting and pushing for action for those whose voices weren’t being heard, along with spearheading food drives, bringing awareness to the inadequate treatment of the Ocoee Fire Fighters, along with partnering with the Ocoee Police department with the goal of bridging the gap between police officers and our community and various social issues that our communities endure.


“Let’s Put Our Passion Into Action” is a message that reverberates the notion that as a community, we will not be patient with our progress.  We have a commitment to our communities to hold leaders accountable thereby uniting and enforcing change.


No longer will we sit back and wait for what is due to us. Instead, our focus will be to put our PASSION that we have discussed among each other and take ACTION to empower our communities.


My Passion:

  • Create more affordable year-round youth programs. As this will give our youth more positive activities, preventing them from getting into trouble and being caught up in the justice system.
  • Provide career training and development programs that will allow individuals to have more options and increase their finances to provide for their families.
  • Create affordable housing programs for those individuals and families who cannot afford the increasing rental rates.
  • Hold City Leaders Accountable on how cities are being run and prevent the misappropriation of tax dollars.
  • Defend small businesses, where owners are given equal opportunities to prevent overshadowing by larger organizations.
  • Providing more resources for individuals with Mental Health, as a loss of income, should not prevent someone from receiving the medications they need.


No longer will we continue with the “Business as Usual,” as it is time for your elected officials to work for you, the citizens, and this is a promise that I will keep as the State Representative of District 45.


Your help is needed, in any capacity, you can provide, as we will work together in running a high integrity and community-focused campaign.


Will you join me?  Please visit and join me by donating and/or volunteering as we team together to empower our communities.


I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail,


Melissa S. Myers